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Band's Co-Founder Akihiro Ito and Taka are Vegan Straight Edge Ⓥ SxE

The history of "Coven Japan" goes back as far as 2016 when two metal maniacs Akihiro Ito and Taka from Tokyo Japan started to make some demos. They have composed songs, played, recorded, mixed, mastered all songs only by themselves.
Their songs are inspired by NWOBHM such as Angel Witch, Satan and 80's metal, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost and 70's hard rock, Japanese rock, metal and Japanese animation songs etc.
As another influence, 80's hardcore. especially their attitude. So Co-Founder Ito and Taka are also Vegan Straight Edge and animal rights and environmental activists. so, there are some songs written about animal rights, veganism, human rights and the earth crisis that we all have faced now.

They are proud that they are Japanese and treasure Japanese identity also on song-writing and want to spread their own original Japanese metal with Japanese identity to the world.
So their songs are written in two languages. In verse and bridge parts, it is written in an old Japanese literary style and chorus parts, written in English as the world's common language for sing-alongs together in the world.
The oriental accents and unique rhythm from old Japanese literary on lyrics are also one of their special characteristics.
They think that singing-along together is one of the best parts of heavy metal. So, as one of their original Ingenuities, they also made some lyric videos with Japanese pronunciation as subtitles using the alphabet. so, if you don't know the Japanese language, you can also sing the verse and bridge parts in Japanese while watching their lyric videos.
Catchy and hooky melody is also one of their strengths. 

They are also Japanese animation and comic fans, namely "Otaku". so they have been growing up with watching and reading lots of Japanese comics and animations since childhood and especially love dark fantasy genres such as "Akira" , "Death Note" , "Tokyo Ghoul" , "Evangelion" etc.
They think that Japan's own culture is so cool, great and gives good inspiration and it is proud to the world. so, always have been thinking about the ideas and ingenuities of not only songs but also the jacket art and everything for fighting against lots of world metal bands. 

For example, many heavy metal cover arts tend to resemble, so they didn’t want to do the same thing for fighting against many world metal bands. so they put the elements of cool Japanese animation into the jacket art for impressing when people see the jacket. 
Their own Japanese metal is based on traditional metal like NWOBHM and in addition, twin guitars and female vocals, also putting and mixing various elements like above catchy Japanese animation songs etc as Japanese identity into their songs, so it is a really unique style as the strengths and the one and only in the world. 

For the above reasons and their own originalities, in the end of 2016 their demos were caught in the eyes of many record labels' attention in the world as soon as they put it out on the internet and they got many offers to release the debut EP.
In 2017, their debut EP "The Advent" (12' records, CD) was released by Svart Records in Finland. 
Cassette tapes were released by Heavy Chains Records in Australia.
They got many fans in the world and the second press too.

At that time in 2017, they were still just a metal project, so started to look for players for doing their show. 
At the end of 2018, finally found all of the other members.
The appeals of their live performance are attractive twin lead guitar harmonies and riffs, powerful rhythm and groove, one and only her voice.

In 2019, they started to play in Tokyo in earnest. as performing some shows, they have gradually got also Japanese fans steady. 
They got some offers from promoters overseas. 

In 2020, though due to covid-19, unfortunately performing at some stages of European festivals were postponed and canceled. 
But they performed at some online metal festivals including Roadie Crew Metal Festival twice in Brazil. This is the first, only one as Japanese band.

At the same time, they had released some demos only on the internet and subscription from 2018 to 2020 for doing their show. Because there are only four songs in the Debut EP,  it was necessary to release other demos for doing shows in a hurry.
but they originally had an idea to brush up these demos and combine other unreleased songs for the first full-length album as a physical format such as vinyl record, cd and cassette tape. so they still didn't actively promote the demos on subscription, but despite the lack of active promotion, it has gotten good rankings in the world including i-tunes weekly ranking the 9th in Germany.
Coven Japan's fans are obviously increasing in the world.

Now, they are near the end of making the first full-length album, and you will listen to their new full album in near the future.
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