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The Advent / CD
10 EUR

1.Brave Warriors 2.業-カルマ Karma-
3.Wings Of Glory 4.Scream For Tomorrow


The Advent / LP Black Vinyl
16 EUR

1.Brave Warriors 2.業-カルマ Karma-3.Wings Of Glory 4.Scream For Tomorrow

The Advent / LP Blood Splatter Vinyl
18 EUR

Color Vinyl Limited edition

1.Brave Warriors 2.業-カルマ Karma-
3.Wings Of Glory 4.Scream For Tomorrow

Debut EP "The Advent" NOW ON SALE!
The Special Gift from Official Shop!!
Now, We give you an autographed post card (See the right side) as a Special Gift for All customers on Official Shop!!

And One More The Special Privileges on Official Shop!
Regarding "The Advent" : CD, LP(Black), LP(Splatter), Cassette Tape and also "First Demo -ZERO- CD-R", You can choose "Not Autographed items"  or "Autographed items on the jacket artwork". (See the left side too, Either same price) . Of course, You can choose also Both items!
"Order form" & "How to Buy" below!

(SHOP For Living in JAPAN, 日本にお住まいの方のショップはこちらをクリック)

Logo Woven Patch - 50mm×85mm

Color of Japan's Flag

Badge 3 colors set - 25mm

Black, White, Purple

The Advent / Cassette Tape

Limited edition of 200 copies.

1.Brave Warriors 2.業-カルマ Karma-

3.Wings Of Glory 4.Scream For Tomorrow

First Demo -ZERO- CD-R

All handmade demo with OBI (帯)
1.Brave Warriors (Demo)
2.業~カルマ Karma~ (Demo)

The Advent Postcard - 100mm×148mm

The Advent Sticker - 60mm×60mm

The Advent Magnet - 54mm×54mm
1.5 EUR


How to buy

You can use PayPal account and your Credit card or Ddebit card ( All payment Via PayPal ). 
# PayPal

# After you submit the Order Form,
We will calculate and send you back an e-mail about the details of the amount (with shipping fee) in several days.

# We will ship the items after we confirm your payment via Paypal.  (*When you pay a price via PayPal, Please select the Currency "EURO". )
# After the shipping, we will let you know the tracking number to your e-mail.


# Currency-Converter ( Guide to your Currency )

# The shipping fee (Registered Air Mail with a Tracking number) from Japan to Overseas is Below, as a approx guide.
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